About me

I am an tech-geek and heavily involved in the technology industry. On a daily basis I am following my passion for building software projects.

Happy to see you getting to know more about me and feel free to contact me if you need any help!


During my educational school time, I've learned a lot about programming and graduated for application development. As I have always been an tech-geek, I like get out of my own comfort zone and learn new development related stuff. Right now I use my development knowledge to build various software projects, ranging from simple apps to entire software-as-a-service platforms (and from time to time a nice website).

You can classify me as an full-stack developer, as I know and make use of multiple programming languages. The programming languages mentioned here are the ones I use the most, but my knowledge and skills are not limited to- and go beyond these languages.

My guilty-pleasure would be to enter the gaming industry somewhere in the future, as I have been interested in building my own game someday since I was a child. Games have always been one of my passions, so from time to time I like to play around with Unity and iterate on the possibilities of my ideas.









This is an selection of my main stack.


During my internships, employment, freelance and entrepreneurial journey over the past 13 years I've also managed to get myself into the art of design. With the gained experience so far, I can proudly say that I know my way around the app- and web design industry. This has also become an fun sport, as I am always looking for the latest design trends and the best ways to give the users of my projects a blast!

My focus is on UI and UX design for most of the time and I always start with sketching a Low-fidelity design in my sketchbook. Depending on the project, scope and budget, I usually continue the process by quickly making a prototype before I start programming.

As I also managed to get myself an eye for graphic design, this is something I mostly do in collaboration with people I regulary work with. But don't worry, my personal website you are currently looking at is completely designed by myself.


The entrepreneurial life was with me at young age and I like to say that it is in my DNA. Since I'm an tech-geek it would come to no suprise that every venture I dive in to is related to the tech industry. I love to build software projects from the ground up, see them grow from zero to one and enable people around the world to make their life easier or to more entertainment.

Wearing multiple hats regulary when working on projects and collaborating with other entrepreneurs who are building their software products, required me to build an extensive and complimentary skillset on top of the main skills as is mentioned above. Few of the other skills I have acquired over time are Marketing, Branding and Copywriting which are of extreme invaluable value to me and for everything I do.

My belief is that every business revolve around people and relations, and it is the people -both external and internal- that decide if a project succeed or needs to pivot. That is why I am always open to have a good chat with you, as you may never know what opportunities and learnings might come out of it!


I prefer to work Agile with the help of the Scrum framework, running in various sprints. Recently I've committed to getting certified as Professional Scrum Master, and short after I had to admit that I'm not only using Scrum for development but I also apply it for different tasks and goals for my business, such as during design and marketing. Since working Scrum allows me to effficiently get work done and it also helps me working towards MVP's it is an way of working I definitely stand behind.

This knowledge could be applied everywhere, so feel free to reach out to me if you want to learn more. I am always happy to meet new people and exchange knowledge! In case you are in need of help for your business, it also cannot harm to have an chat with me.

You can find my certification at www.scrum.org/user/710396


Growing up during the digital revolution has set me up for this digital life. Back in the day, playing Pokémon on my Gameboy with friends out on the street.. Ahh, those were the days, and to this day I still like to play these games from time to time!

Life can be a busy-bee sometimes and slip right by when I am busy doing what I love (and sometimes doing something I hate, which luckily is an inevitable part of the deal). For me the most important part of life is having fun, which is my main priority and driving force behind all my decisions. Second place I value the art of learning the most, as only by learning we will be able to do more.

Also good to know, I have an never ending growing collection of books which all resolve around software, design, business and growth. When I am scrolling on the internet I mostly read about business related topics and from time to time I like to do something crazy and push myself to learning something new.

Don't be a stranger, I am always up for having a chat and discuss many topics!