My projects

Since I work on a variety of software projects, I will showcase the projects that have been released by myself.

If you would like to know more about what I have done so far, just reach out to me!


When I ventured out on my own, I registered my company in the Netherlands under the name EasyGoDesign. While this is not really an app or an platform, it is my biggest project to date. As an software agency I strive to provide software advice, custom development and design services to a diverse range of companies.

If you're thinking about building an app or other software project, but don't have the knowledge in house, you're free to contact me and arrange an meeting or come by for a cup of tea. I am always open for a good chat and maybe we can help eachother either now or in the future, but it would never hurt to start an conversation with me about software without any obligations.

You can find my agency at

The Spari project

An complete Software-as-a-service platform with everything you can imagine related to software startups. This is my trophy project which resulted in to an entire startup on its own, where the software exists out of two seperate mobile apps for Android and iOS, an website and a whole dashboard for companies.

The idea here is simple; I strive to provide professional loyalty software which should be accessible for every business owner. Companies get access to an Scanner app and their own dashboard while their customers get access to the Wallet app, which provides an QR-code that the company is able to scan with the scanner app. With this product companies can provide points, stamps and even prepaid cards to their customers.

Here I wear all the hats, from software development to marketing, branding and sales, which currently is an amazing rollercoaster journey to go through.

You can find this startup at

PiggyBank & VehicleLife

For personal use I've created a few iPhone apps, and in this case I want to focus on the PiggyBank and VehicleLife app. Both currently only available on the App Store for the iPhone and run entirely standalone on the device.

The PiggyBank app was built in order to track my savings towards a specific goal. And the VehicleLife app was built to keep track of the gasoline spending for my motorized vehicles.

You can view all my apps on the App Store and Google Play.


An web platform built for Dutch cab companies with their own customer base. Here they are able to organise their planned pickups and dropoffs, share client routes and have an customized invoicing system.

This software comes with an monthly subscription fee and currently there are a few cab companies using the software, so that keeps me busy to keep the platform up to date!

You can find this project at


This one right here is an true nostalgia gem, one of my first ever projects I've built in 2009 while flash was still supported (wow, flash, I know right!).

One of my biggest dreams has always been to one day enter the game industry and make my own game ideas come to reality. While still in school I built out this website as an Game portal filled with Flash games other people built and shared, which I kinda hoped to be my debut into the gaming industry back then, but didn't pan out.

I did however managed to earn a little pocket change back then using AdSense on the website and learned a ton of stuff. Even though the games on the site do not work anymore, I still feel the attached nostalgia is worth it to keep the project up and running.

You can view my nostalgia at